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The Scene

Opening scene. Namtar is preparing to jab Johnny in the eye.

What went wrong!

NAMTAR/JULIAN(VOICE): If you wish to blink, now would be the time.

BEN: Just do it, if you're gonna do it.

NAMTAR guides the needle into BEN's eye.

BEN: Ow! Jesus! I thought we were gonna use rubber needles, or something!

DIRECTOR: We were.

CLAUDIA: (Giggles)

BEN: Ow, my eye! Stings!

JULIAN: Awfully sorry old boy.

BEN: Yeah, well, you're just the voice, so don't worry about it. Doctor!

DOCTOR: (Sighs) What now?

BEN: Needle! Eye! Get the picture?

DOCTOR: If you're going to take that tone with me!

DIRECTOR: Someone check that needle.

BEN: Yeah!

CLAUDIA: (Laughing) It was me! Haha!

BEN: Bitch!


KEMPER: Claudia! Insurance!

BEN: Screw the insurance! What about my baby blue?

CLAUDIA: Oh no, poor widdle Benny...

BEN: Doc!

DOCTOR: That's it! I quit! You're all a bunch of freaks! (leaves)

BEN: Hey, doc, no...please, come on...I'm eye!

CLAUDIA: (Rolling around the floor in fits of laughter)

BEN: Will someone please help me!?

KEMPER: Do we have another doctor?

BRIAN: Well, Joey who cleans the toilets knows a bit of first aid.

BEN: Joey! No way, man! He drinks! Shakes! Shakes? My eye? Shakes? See what I'm getting at?

JOEY: Hey man! Screw you! I quit! (Leaves)

BEN: Hey, Joey! No man, I'm sorry...(Whimpers)


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