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An hour.

How people in Ben's native West Virginia pronounce the word 'hour'.


Furlow use it a lot. Means fucking. You wanna blotch? Blotch you, eemahole! Get the picture?

Named after David Kemper's Dalmatian Blotchy, so named because of the noise he makes during doggie intercourse.


Term of affection used by John towards the cuddly Rygel. 

Comes from of one Brian Henson's favourite off-broadway plays, 'The Sandwich and Me', a thrilling insight into the lives of a baker called Heronimus Buckwheat. He is short and weasly. And from another planet. And had a thronesled! Hey! I'm gonna sue! 

DRANIT (special guest appearance from Dakki!)

Something not very you don't want to be called that's all we know. Some think it means dick, some a small, annoying's quite mysterious really. 

David Kemper had a teacher named Mr. Dranit (he was quite mysterious as well...(we think he was from Europe, or something) who used to take away his crisps during class and fail him because he didn't form the letter "B" correctly and so forth.

DRD (Diagnostic Repair Droid/Darter)

Those little scooty things yous see shooting about Leviathans.

Jonathon Hardy suffers from a condition called Diahorrea Related Demonism.


Most popular expletive in the UT. Means shit. Yes, that's right.

In 1967, scientists at Berkeley discovered, purely by accident, during an experiment into why lemons are so useful in washing up liquids, a substance that smelt a bit pooey. They named it Dren, after the janitor, who also smelt a bit pooey. One of those scientists was Dr. Richard O'Bannon, Rockne's uncle.


Arse, or ass for our American friends. 

During shooting for the premier, Ben and Anth were sitting about, idly chatting when they spied the finest 'eema' they'd ever seen. It belonged to a visiting Nigerian girl called Eema. The script boys, being simple-minded, and adolescent sorts picked up on the slang, and the new Farscape word was born.


Looney. Insane. Crazy. Stark. David Icke. 

When at High School, Kemper built a robot with which to pleasure himself. The 'Fully Automatic Hand Replacement' Bot worked fine for a couple of weeks but exploded with catastrophic consequences soon after. Kemper still has the scars, and will show you them for money.


Booze of choice in the UT.

Richard Manning, a recovering alcoholic is still prone to the occasional booze-inspired hallucination. One of his more popular ones being him turning into a giant bumble bee called Phillip. It was decided as a sign of respect for his struggle to name the beverage after this hallucination, but had to be changed to Felip when it became apparent that Phillip Nectar is the number one beer of Somalia. 


Large pirates net. But not for catching fish. No! Ships.

Rockne O'Bannon is a keen fisherman. When out hunting for dolphins, he employs a large net with electrified 30cm long spikes. to capture our gentle, sea-bound cousins. He always takes his eight year old nephew Simon with him, and the poor boy has a speech impediment, so whenever a hapless dolphin is caught in the net, instead of crying 'look a dolphin!', he cries' flax!'. Yes, it is a rare speech impediment.


Fuck. Yes, fuck. Like blotch, only more popular.

Frell is swedish for 'rabbit'?


Sort of like Warp. Measure of speed for Farscape.

Brian Henson's nickname for speed. That would be the powdery drug.


Hell. Purgatory. The Great Demise. 

Claudia Black had an auntie Hezmana (she was Macedonian), who was particularly unpleasant and used to lock the young Claudia under the stairs when she played her 'warrior-princess' games.



Eema the Nigerian girl had a sister who was very blessed in the chest department. Her name was Loomas. A good day indeed for the script boys.


A metre? A kilometre? A furlong?

Brian Henson drives a Hyundai Metra.


A second.

Brian Henson plans to buy a Hyundai Microt.


A Peacekeeper punch. Miss Sun likes to stick it on poor Johnny as often as she can.

Another term from Kemper's Vietnamese experience. Soldiers who contracted syphillis during R'n'R were given the Pantak Jab. Kemper remembered it well.


Nickname for Chiana coined by Ben to replace 'slut' in the original script.

The night before the episode, Gigi, having drunk too many G and T's made a pass at David Franklin (Braca). Being much like his on screen persona, David suffered a small seizure. His wife was not best pleased. She broke into the studios when they were closed and altered the script. John, sensing the necessity to cool tempers, removed 'slut' and replaced it with Pip, in an obscure reference to the WWF.


Second most popular booze in the UT.

In the seventies, Courage the brewers experimented with a concept of mixing beer and beef, in an attempt to corner the 'Norfolk' market. They called it Raslak. Brian Henson has the three remaining bottles at his palacial Versailles retreat.


Lute-like Luxan musical instrument used mostly during the ceremony of 'Oh shit mate, I didn't mean to cut off your arm'.

A combination of the words 'shilling' and 'quentin', though why they were combined, no-one is completely sure.


Stealing. Thieving. What Rygel and Chiana do.

When Henson was a child, his favourite crisps (chips) were Norbert's Snurch. As his father was extremely stingy, poor Brian never had enough money to buy them, so he used to steal them instead. 


Another term of affection used by John for Rygel.

A reference to former Barcelona and Man Utd forward Mark Hughes.


What Leviathans do when danger beckons, or they fancy getting plain lost.

A reference to a little known Hollywood ailment, whereby C-list celebrities explode due to excessive hamburger consumption.


A slutty whore bitch hoe slapper! Oh, tralks, where art thou?

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers used to refer to the Vietnamese prostitutes as tralks, in reference to a little-known piece of ordinance shaped somewhat like a lady's bits. Kemper claims it is named after the ordinance. No-one believes him, and Ben occasionally dresses up as a Vietnamese prostitute, running round the studio shouting 'sucky-fucky! fi dollar!'


A Delvian thing, whereby two persons join on a spiritual level, becoming one.

Virginia Hey auditioned to be a member of The Spice Girls. She came with an original song, i.e. Two Become One, which was promptly stolen by soulless music execs. Suffice to say, Ginny did not get the gig, but kept the song, and sung it to Kemper one day. He was so impressed it became part of the show.


A week. Never!

The producers decided to let Ben think up a word for week. Four months later he gave them this.


Nickname given by Johnny to his pulse pistol. How sweet!

Not named after the devestating beauty that is Winona Ryder, as is widely thought, but actually Winona Kipper, inventor of the tea towel.


Hmmmm. What the yotz does that mean?

A milky substance that is a bi-product of liposuction. Ben has weekly sessions to remove fatty deposits from his behind.

DISCLAIMER: (Don't sue us, we're pathetic) This is so made up. We mean absolutely no offence. We all love Farscape, and the actors and crew involved in making our favourite show. This should be seen for what it is, a tribute. If by some bizarre, and frankly disturbing coincidence Mr. Browder does indeed enjoy the company of voles, then we apologise unreservedly.

Farscape and all it's subsidiary bits are owned by some other people and not us. Anything illegal we do is purely by accident and that includes the credit card scam and Bob's marijuana farm.