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Chapter Two

Dominars Don't Have To Be Punctual


Two arns later, he had managed to gather the entire crew complement in Pilot's den (all excepting Rygel, who was late, as usual), and they were all sitting or standing around with expectant looks on theirfaces. Usually when John summoned them together, it was bad. It either meant he was going to do something completely fahrbot to get them all killed, or he was going to try and inflict one of his Erp customs on them. At the moment, he was leaning in front of Pilot, staring at the half open door.

Everyone had different ideas. Aeryn, standing just in front of Pilot, to his right, suspected that whatever it was he was going to suggest, it was going to involve her primarily. It always did. She was dreading it. She wondered what it might be this time. They weren't in immediate danger, so Scorpius wasn't a factor. It had only been two monens since the "Kris-mass" thing he had told them about, and she didn't think that it could come around again that quickly. And it had only been three monens since "Thangs-gebben". The only other thing it could possibly be was the ceremony he'd told her about for the day of his birth and she knew, of course, that it wasn't for another two monens. She sighed impatiently as they waited for Rygel, and resigned to stay curious.

Chiana was sitting near Pilot, on the edge of his console. She was adamant, this time, that she wasn't going to get involved. She was fed up of visions of death and carnage, fed up of nearly getting killed, fed up of missions, and mightily frelled off with everything always involving her even when it didn't have to. Nope, this time, she was staying out of it and if Jool would move her backside out of the way, she could frelling well leave

Jool was leaning in front of the Nebari, unaware of the dagger look shooting into the back of her head. She yawned. John's lectures had a tendency to get boring after a while and she wasn't in the mood to listen today. As it transpired, she had the misfortune of having D'Argo's quarters on one side of her, and Crais' on the other, and both of the frellniks snored. She was running on very little sleep, and she was cranky, and John had that annoying "I've-got-a-secret-and-you're-all-gonna-love-it" look on his face. The situation wasn't helped by the fact that the frelling Nebari tralk kept frelling well kicking her in her frelling spine

D'Argo, next to Aeryn, was in a stance that suggested anyone who came near him would instantly lose a limb. His arms were folded over his chest, his legs were shoulder width apart, and he wore a frown that would shroud a small city. He did not like having to wait for people. He also did not like any plan John was going to come up with.

Crais was pacing impatiently. He despised lateness, and, moreover, he wasn't too fond of Rygel. When Rygel was late, therefore, it was the pinnacle of annoyance. He sighed, reached the end of his current lap, spun on one foot, and marched in the other direction, repeating the process for the seventeeth time. Luckily, he didn't see the positively murderous look Aeryn threw at him, and didn't sense the impending punch he was going to get if he walked past her one more damn time

Pilot, in the centre of the group, was too busy multi-tasking to really take much notice of everybody else. He was, however, becoming slightly irritated with Chiana, because every time she kicked her legs she edged further onto his console, and was being to obstruct vital controls. Being a gentle creature, though, Pilot resisted the urge to poke her, hard, and attempted to ignore her.

Zhaan and Stark were sitting together on the floor, passing time by sharing a mutual mental link. They wouldn't have even noticed if Moya starburst into a wall.

Finally, Rygel arrived. He hovered through the door without a care in the universe, stopped in the centre of the group, surveyed their various expressions, and simply said, "What?"

John grabbed him and ground a fist into his head lightly, like he would a child. "About frellin' time, Sparky!"

The Hynerian flailed his limbs around until he got a fair swipe at John, and managed to pull the hand from his head. "I do not plan my time around you, Crichton."

"You said it, Ryge," added Chiana, still absently kicking Jool in the back.

Aeryn bodily stopped Crais from pacing by throwing her arm out and creating a barricade, as Rygel settled near Zhaan. The ex-Captain removed Aeryn's arm from his vicinity and stepped towards John.

"Crichton, just hurry up and tell us what we're here for."

"Now we're all here," he said, looking pointedly at Rygel, "I will."

Everyone fixed their most interested expressions and got comfortable. Something told them this was going to be a long meeting.


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