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17.09: Kemper speaks!

17.09: Cancellation News special!

28.08: Season 3 Quotes now up!

21.08: Have the Fanart section up and running. Is a little small at the moment, but this should act as an incentive or something, right?

20.08: New Season 4 Character profiles up, and updates for some others. (SPOILERS)

06.08: More exciting(?) News!

03.08: Links updated.

02.08: New Poll!

01.08: Worth waiting for? You tell me! Season 3 Outtakes are here at last! Enjoy.




Site News

01-08-02 Right, things are getting back to normal, and finally we have some site updates. Should get better from now on.

01-08-02 As you can probably tell, the forum has gone bye-bye. Was lost in the great computer crash, anf frankly, I cannot be asked with it right now. Sorry.

08-07-02 Yay! A site update! Have now got a Forum. We shall see how it goes, but it would be nice to know what kind of people we have attracted! Take a look!

15-05-02 Major refurbishments accompany our spanking marvellous relaunch! Hooray! Check out all the new stuff, as well as the slightly altered stuff. Welcome back. Don't you go anywhere! :)

02-05-02 Well, they won, I lost, and therefore this website is no more. It shall remain as is for as long as tripod allows, then shall disappear into legend. Yeah, right! Anyway, it was fun while it lasted, but such is life. Thanks to everyone who visited. Appreciated. (This is obviously blatantly false news, and so should be ignored)

01-03-02 Welcome to Crackers Matter. This here is a brand new site dedicated to the exceedingly fine sci-fi series Farscape. Having watched too much Monty Python, Chris Morris, and The Simpsons; we're under the deluded belief that we're actually funny. Well, we try. So take a look around. Hope you like what you see and decide to stay a while. And bookmark us. And tell all you friends about us. And send us money. Have a nice day.

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Katie - Ben-loving, sexy hound-dog kept around cos she loves them mini-skirts

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Pope John Paul - Farscape fan and helluva comedian. Leaving at the end of the month after Katie successfully sued him for sexual harrassment, after many months of shameless arse pinching.

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Bob - He cleans the toilets and makes the coffee

Personal Statement: Don't watch Farscape! It sucks!

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